Our team of ambassadors are not only the face of EmSkil; they are helping to build and develop the programme. As champions of the programme, the ambassadors play a vital role for the success of EmSkil. 

Meet the ambassadors


"I wish to reach out to every young woman who is passionate about her dreams...I see myself working towards the upliftment of women on a larger scale, doing my best to provide them with the necessary resources they need to seek education and achieve their goals in life".


"EmSkil ko leikar meri yeh umeed hai ke aane waale time mein yeh kaafi badda platform banega unn mahilaon ke liye jo apne andar ki hidden diamond duniya ke saamne laana chahti hai. I see myself in 10 years on that platform where I can do something good for others". 


"My aim is to help those young women to know about this programme and to empower them..and to make them understand the importance of being independent in today's world. I want to become a judge...it will be a small contribution from me to my country if I can serve justice to my country's people". 


"I want to be an independent woman who knows about every power that a woman has. I will join the Indian army. I will definitely be a part of the EmSkil programme so it will be like a shining star  who gives light to all women when they feel dark".