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Women face many problems in real life at their homes, work places and all the places they stay or work at. The general problems that they face include many. Women face problems like violence, sexual harassment, dowry system, child marriage, female infanticide, eve teasing, rapes, domestic abuse and many others in their day to day life. Because of these problems, they are unable to prosper in their lives.

The world talks about progression and creating an environment where all people are treated equally. But why does it stop when it comes to women? Why does it happen that women are expected to balance between their career and home while men are supposed to be the breadwinners of the family?

While there are men who have come forward to support women in all their endeavors, why is the word “feminism” branded with so much hatred and contempt? It’s time we shatter toxic masculinity and make people understand that feminism’s goal is to reduce gender gaps and achieve political, economic, personal, and social gender equality.

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